Dark desires

Dangerous?i had you were looking.

The man of your dreams possesing.

like the thrill before syncing,

your lips and finally frenching.

As he charts your skin like a map

in laboured pants you gasp.

Addicted and completely hooked

seduced by illegality you revelled.

After the rush geared up for a guilt trip

head and heart you’re caught in the


envious of the good sarah in the bible

glimpse in the mirror,please wipe off the

scowl and chill the hell out greedy


You drink the poison our mind pours for us

and then wonder why you fell sick.

And if the pearly gates dont open up for


Thank God for hell.

we are all struggling for a sip

of righteousness hating judgement

from religion by the legion who deem

themselves saints following the rules

No bad blood in fiction.