studying a semester’s worth of work in one day.

fret not friends. when it comes to exams none is happier. as students we may find our self in a situation where you have to study in a day or night , even knowing a month or weeks before you had an exam , but watched as much Netflix as you wanted.
seduced by procrastinating and tomorrow always seems like the right time to study. it’s possible to study in one day, yep ! I mean most of us have done it and passed key word being most. this tips have worked for me and others
ps. these tips are for people who have attended a few or some classes and have an idea what the unit is generally about .

Make sure you’re in a quiet spot where you won’t be distracted. the library for those who like quite places or even in your room and you could read from. coffee shop  or the park for those who like noisy places. your choice lakini. It can be any location that suits you.

Put your phone away… far away.
You promise to go through TikTok for a while then insta then Snapchat and before you know two hours or even three have passed . I could literally suffer anxiety after a long period without my phone but hey we are on a clock  .switch it off or put it away.’ as in out of sight out of mind’ I guess. Now I’m sure many people have told you this but guess what I read on my phone and get no distraction now this is rarely of course. You just have to figure which is better.

Make a list of topics from your syllabus which you need to study
using the lecturers teaching guide choose topics that need more time and those that are easier for you. lecturers will set their exams mostly from what they teach. you spent your classes typing away while the lec was busy yapping you wouldn’t know oh! me too.shut up! I can see your lips twitching you want to argue innit?. Its like our phones are everything nowadays. You lecturer asks you to look for a word in the dictionary and five minutes you are in Instagram .are you serious miss ! It happens to the greatest of us.

Get a friend to quiz you.
I’m a good  at the quizy thing . the more you interact with the question you also learn and don’t have to go back to the topics. if you have a friend get them to listen to you .if they are not willing bribe them with food or um…food. I promise you it will work,mostly. And if they like partying promise to take them out for drinks. Everyone likes free drinks . Most of you will agree it’s more studying with a patner or when there is company.

Find last year’s test if you can.  go through the previous years test and see what was tested before. some lecturers like repeating some of the questions. I looked at some of the past papers of an exam during my last exam period and  I almost fainted . nothing my sister. I knew nothing! That was because I had not read my notes . okay..let me stop acting surprised I didn’t attend my classes . But after going through my notes at the end of the night I was able to tackle majority of the questions.

Do a refresher in the morning of the exam. if you are the kind of person who needs to remind yourself of what you read and if not listen to music or watch others stressing haha. Or even go watch some TikTok videos.

take a break. in between sessions take sometime to recharge. ooh I thing I know know what y’all thinking about but no. I said NO. you can’t use your phone. take a nap or something. “my or something” is me rewarding myself to one episode on Netflix and it works.  you could even reward yourself with food we all like food right? Or take a nap.

Pop up some music. some people like studying in total silence and others can manage in noisy situations .some of us can study with music and not get distracted but some days I put music like afrobeat  and dancehall  and sikudanganyi you will find me dancing . so basically you will have to choose music you feel you can study with..

Chew something. anybody else get hungry while studying? I surely do. now some people will tell you not eat junk food and what not, but I say eat anything you want. it will be for only that one day or not, why can’t I eat some chips when I’m going such a terrific time that could end my life..huh! kwa Nini nisikule?

take down notes. Some of us have really good good visual memory. I like making short notes  while I am reading  and sometimes when I am in an exam room I will remember something I wrote somewhere and on what page I wrote it. amazing isn’t it.

Thank you for reading these tips and as I said earlier these are for people who have who have attended some classes have an idea of what the unit is about. na for those who haven’t  drink water, keep scrolling your phone and maybe pray to God and see if he will help you. kwaheri.

Ps. Kwaheri Swahili for goodbye .