Fumbling ,tripping

Simping ,ditching

recited and accepted

A cadence In our souls imbued

Belonged to the streets and now? Oh sheet!

mask off, heels off ,caution offed.

darkness from within, hundred mistakes

per blink .

your phone pings, message from sneaky to

link .

escaping solitude you claim, accountability

down the drain.

Normalize,legalize or was it dickmatized

you chanted energized.

Cupid? absent, nothing serious? present.

emotional damage? not yet.

Puff puff, music enough, you’re high and

need advise.

Wink wink ,you like the lie,i sigh.once

more you’re enticed .

They said experience is the best

past papers maam .

I’ll do it wrong i deter,abate the stokes its

like i’m damned.

The devil is in the details ,they wont tell the

hell they have been thru .

So much effort but you cant see the results

or were they mauled as an insult?

Scared browns staring at the rest, running

down her dreams ,heart a mess .

Does she has the guts to press on?scared

she’ll crumbled as soon as she stands.

She prays she’ll find a way to make it.

With a bag full of undisclosed desires she

faded to sleep .Her life unsteady.

Crawl, walk then run. its that way for you

and me at some point. You won’t escape.


Breaking dawn

Depression , despair

Isolation in seclusion

Lechery and lewdness

Burning us in moments of repression

Sin and malice caressing in


Phantom promises on the table

The delivery was something


Faceless orgasms left us


Trading in lust

Posing as cupid

Skin against skin

Hearts beating in sync

The clock ticking but still

The rejection a foul taste in our


Chasing the pleasure to a


The wait killing me softly

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